School Finance

The Kansas Constitution stipulates that all Kansas are entitled to both adequate and equitable funding mechanism for their education. As an organization who filed a friend of the court brief in the 2005 Montoy case, we will continue to fight for adequate and equitable funding.

Vouchers and Privatization

Public dollars should be spent on public institutions. We consistently oppose the diversion of public dollars to private educational institutions.

Students' and Teachers' Rights

Students and teachers are guaranteed freedom of religion and speech by the US and Kansas Constitutions. The Kansas Constitution stipulates that "[n]o religious sect or sects shall control any part of the public educational funds."

Teachers deserve the right to collectively bargain with their employers. This should be guaranteed to all Kansas teachers, regardless of where they work.

Healthy meals are essential to a quality education. All Kansas students should be provided with breakfast and lunch regardless of their family's ability to afford fees.

Racial Justice

Our government and schools must be proactive in combating racism in all forms. This requires enforcing equal protection before the law for all persons in our schools as well as working to diversify our educational workforce to improve outcomes for all student populations served.

Gun Safety

Students should feel safe in their schools. We need common-sense gun control legislation like universal background checks, keeping weapons of war off of our streets and repealing "campus carry" laws. We steadfastly oppose the arming of teachers. Weapons have no place in the classroom.



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