Protecting Public Education in Kansas

TubeChop - Ruckus - April 10, 2014 (00:42)



Kansas public schools are being threatened by a lack of adequate funding from the state.

Kansas Families for Education (KFE) recognizes that, by definition, a quality public education requires sufficient funding from the state government.  Unfortunately over the last several years funding has been cut to our public schools, resulting larger class sizes, higher fees for parents, reduction of counselors, elimination of extra-curricular activities and after school programs.

A 21st century education for our students is critical to the economic well being of our state.  However, the legislature is funding schools at 20th century levels.  A recent report released by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in September 2013, show that funding per student is $950 less than it was in 2008.  In fact, Kansas is in the top five with regard to funding cuts for public schools.  



Bills are being crafted by out of state organizations such as the American Legislative Council (ALEC) who seek to privatize education to the detriment of our students and teachers.  Many Kansas legislators' campaign dollars come from the same sources who fund ALEC and they are proposing legislation that is being mass produced in Bill Mills that don't represent Kansas values.

Join us and stand up for Kansas public schools and help us elect candidates who value our public education system and our teachers!